Dual Action Thermoelectric Controller

The Dual Action Thermoelectric Controller is a fully self-contained, turn-key system designed to control a thermo-electric module in either heating or cooling mode. The controller automatically and seamlessly switches the polarity of the applied voltage to the module to provide heating or cooling as needed to maintain a desired temperature.

The controller contains all the necessary hardware to power and control a TEC module, including the power supply used to power the TEC module, and a thermocouple jack to accept the TEC module�s feedback thermocouple. Simply plug the output of the controller to the TEC module and connect the feedback thermocouple, and full control of the TEC is at your fingertips. A standard Eurotherm termperature controller is used as the interface to specify the setpoint and other programmable parameters. This allows a temperature profile to be programmed specifying parameters such as transition rates and dwell times. An external computer can also be used to communicate with the controller.

In addition to the polarity switching voltage used to power the TEC module, the Dual Action Controller also provides an unswitched, auxiliary voltage. This can be used to power cooling fans on the TEC module or other accessories. Shown above is the rear of the Dual Action Controller

Cold plate assemblies and other TEC modules are available separately from Watronix.

The Dual Action Controller is designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate a variety of customer applications.

DATEC operating manual

Some of these features include:

. Accepts an input voltage between 90 to 280 VAC.

. Provides output power of 320 watts with a voltage of 12 VDC or 24 VDC.

. Can accept either Type J, K, or T thermocouples for feedback from the TEC module.

. Can allow for external communication through Mod Bus or Bi-Sync standards.

A standard CPC circular connector is used as the electrical interface with the TEC module. The controller is sold with the mating connector and contacts to allow the TEC module to be wired to the connector for easy connectivity.

Example Part Number: DA-12V-K-2-X

DA 12V K 2 X
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DA: Dual Action Controller 12V: 12 volt, 320 watt24V:24 volt, 320 watt J: Type J, -200 °C to +1350 °CK: Type K, -40 to +750 °CT:Type T, -200 to 350 °C 0: No communication1:Mod Bus2: Bi-Sync, Eurotherm standard

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