What Sets Us Apart?

By applying the latest in cutting-edge technology, the INB product line combines the highest-quality thermoelectric (also known as Peltier) products with cost-effective expertise, thus providing cooling solutions for our clients worldwide. Our low-cost Thermoelectric Modules (peltier elements) are precision-crafted from Bismuth Telluride alloys for diverse cooling appliances. The compact design of INB Thermoelectric modules enables them to function as noiseless instruments that implement proven technological advancements, and are comprised of static components. These versatile modules function either as a heat pump or as an electrical power generator. If the Seebeck effect—meaning a thermoelectric occurrence by which temperature variances involving two divergent metals in a circuit transforms into an electric current—is employed to generate electricity, the module becomes a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG). On the other hand, your Peltier module transforms into a Thermoelectric Cooler, or TEC when it functions as a heat pump.