Cold Plates

WAtronix, Inc provides custom cold plates , liquid chillers and thermoelectric air conditioning solutions from 75 to 1000 BTU. Thermoelectric based cold plates are used in many industrial applications. Cold plates are usually designed for use with 12VDC or 24VDC power supplies; a Thermoelectric Temperature Controller regulates the temperature very precisely (within 0.2°C). In general, our thermoelectric cold plates achieve a heat differential (dT) of 45°C from ambient temperature. Special designs can reach a greater dT if required. The “hot side” of the cold plate can be cooled either by air or by liquid. A variety of Thermoelectric Modules ( Peltiers) are used to achieve the desired temperature differential and cooling power. WAtronix, Inc. is a global supplier of high-quality thermoelectric equipment. Our competitive prices and wide selection allow you to choose the best quality product without sacrificing workmanship or technological innovation.


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