Air-to-Air Assemblies (Thermoelectric Air Conditioner)

WAtronix, Inc.’s thermoelectric air conditioner (A/C) assemblies provide Thermoelectric cooling solutions for electronic telecommunication enclosures, computer cabinets, mini-fridges, and in other enclosed spaces that require specialized climate control.

All INB-series assemblies are environmentally friendly and free from CFC gases. They allow temperature to be controlled precisely, which is vital to laboratory and other technical settings. WAtronix Inc can supply a complete thermoelectric solution including Thermoelectric Temperature Controllers. With the exception of a low noise fan, they contain no moving parts. Loud compressors have been entirely eliminated.

At WAtronix, Inc., the INB thermoelectric product line includes modular 12VDC and 24VDC assemblies. Available models include 140BTU, 260BTU, 750BTU and 1,000BTU units.

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INB 500-24-AA

thermoelectric air conditioner

INB 180-12-AA

thermoelectric air conditioner

INB 340-24-AA

thermoelectric air conditioner

INB 720-24-AA

WAtronix, Inc is a global supplier of high quality thermoelectric equipment. Our competitive prices and wide selection allow you to choose the best quality product without sacrificing workmanship or technological innovation. Our experience in the industry is unmatched.

Most orders of thermoelectric air conditioners ship within 24 hours, with special orders usually shipping in two to four weeks. For more information about our full thermoelectric product line, please call (1-818 288-4390) or email ( us today.Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

Advantages of Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

. Solid state onstruction
. Efficint low cost cooling (Heating optional)
. Environmentally sealed-no flow of airborne contaminants into equipment
. No Freon or harmful emissions-environmentally friendly
. Maintenance free-no moving parts, or filters to change
. Indoor (NEMA 12) or Outdoor (NEMA 4X) applications
. Quitet, compressor free!
. Low vibration
. Easy installation-horizontal or vertical
. Reliable, long lasting solution (MTBF 200,000 hours)

Cooling Applications

. Telecommunication enclosures
. Electronic enclosures
. Refrigeration systems
. Surveillance systems
. Computer systems
. Food storage
. Instrumentation and many more…

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