Thermoelectric /Peltier cooling

The INB product line combines high quality thermoelectric ( called also Peltier) products with low cost, and supplies cooling solutions to clients around the world. Thermoelectric modules are small, lightweight and completely silent devices. They use solid state technology and have no moving parts. The modules serve either as a heat pump or as an electrical power generator. If the Seebeck effect is used to generate electricity, the module is known as a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG). The Seebeck effect describes the process of converting temperature differences into electricity. The Seebeck effect is commonly used in a device called a thermocouple (because it is made from a coupling or junction of materials, usually metals) to measure a temperature difference directly or to measure an absolute temperature by setting one end to a known temperature. A metal of unknown composition can be classified by its thermoelectric effect if a metallic probe of known composition, kept at a constant temperature, is held in contact with it. Industrial quality control instruments use this Seebeck effect to identify metal alloys. Conversely, if the Peltier effect is used to pump heat, the module is known as a Thermoelectric Cooler or TEC. INB specializes in TEC applications. This technology is commonly used in a varieties of industrial applications. Communications companies use thermoelectricity to moderate the temperature tolerances of laser diode. There are thousands of applications where these modules serve as cooling or heating devices.


WAtronix, Inc manufactures a variety of Cold Plates, Liquid Chillers and Thermoelectric A/C assemblies. Our modules allow temperature to be controlled precisely, which is vital to laboratory and other technical settings. Due to wide ranging demands and applications, these modules are available in many types and dimensions. All modules are environmentally friendly and eliminate the need for CFC gases and loud compressors. WAtronix, Inc supplies Temperature Controllers for precise temperature control. WAtronix, Inc is a global supplier of quality thermoelectric equipment. Our competitive prices and wide selection still permit you to choose the best quality without sacrificing workmanship or technological innovation.

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